How low can you go?

Low-Dee V design

Low-Dee L design

These bike rack parking designs are a Canadian classic made locally around the Ottawa region. The bicycle rack on the left was redesigned by a bicyclist and employee to support his bicycle from falling over when he parks his bike on the Low-Dee style. The inventive thought and time that Mazeweld puts into their simple and practical designs make the difference between a product and a great parking system for bicycles. We have two grades of the Low-Dee, heavy duty and regular duty. The Regular duty is pictured here. The heavier duty uses a heavier gauge steel.

The low-Dee is fabricated to fit any number of bicycles. If this particular bike rack doesn't suit your needs, check out our other bike rack models for different bike rack designs. You can also contact us with your requests and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Promoting biking and healthy living is what we are all about.

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