Round-Dee Bike Rack

Round And Round We Go

Roundy Bicycle Rack with Round Loops Popular Timeless Design

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Celebrate cycling with Mazeweld's beloved Round-Dee bicycle system – a timeless design that has consistently ranked among the city's favorites, earning its adoption in the past. Renowned for its popularity, the Round-Dee bicycle rack stands out as a quintessential Mazeweld product.

Versatility is key with the Round-Dee as it can be seamlessly tailored to accommodate varying quantities of bikes. Paired with the Vald-Dee bicycle rack, it features the coveted upper loop design, a top choice among cyclists throughout the National Capital Region. This design allows bikers to securely fasten both the wheel and frame of their bicycles, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Unlock the full potential of the Round-Dee by encouraging cyclists to access both sides of the bike rack. This strategic approach significantly boosts the number of bikes accommodated per rack, making it an efficient choice for crowded bike parking areas. Elevate your cycling experience with Mazeweld's Round-Dee – where timeless design meets unparalleled functionality.

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