Round And Round We Go

Although not all city bylaws have been passed for this design, it has been one of the city's most popular designs and the one they have adopted in the past. Our Round-Dee bicycle parking system is a very popular Mazeweld product. The Round-Dee rack can be custom made to accommodate any number of bikes. Clients in our local City Of Ottawa love it! Along with the Vald-Dee bicycle rack, the Round-Dee is an upper loop design which is a favorite among bicyclists across the nation because it allows bikers to secure the wheel and frame of their bikes.

If you are interested in a more original bike rack design, contact us or email us with your details and we will be glad to serve your bike rack requests. The Round-Dee can be used by cyclists to access both sides of the bike rack to significantly increase the bikes per rack.

Because of infrastructure growth in most countries around the world, cyclists are finding themselves with limited parking on some city streets. We are adapting for bicyclists needs by promoting biking and healthy living with our innovative bike racks.

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