Lift-Assist Wall Dand-Dee

Canadian Conceptualized and Fabricated

Introducing our Lift-Assist Wall Dand-Dee, meticulously crafted for optimal use of parking spaces by maximizing efficiency and minimizing footprint. This innovative model revolutionizes bike storage by allowing bicycles to be effortlessly lifted into a vertical position on a wall.

Simplified for cyclist convenience, the lift-assist system streamlines the process. Cyclists need only guide and gently push on the back of the seat, making parking a breeze. We've prioritized durability and reliability by minimizing moving parts, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation with robust materials.

Experience a new dimension in bike storage with our Lift-Assist Wall Dand-Dee – where space optimization meets user-friendly design, elevating your bike parking experience to new heights.

Lift-Assist Wall Dand-Dee Front View With Two Bikes

Lift-Assist Wall Dand-Dee Profile View With Two Bikes

Lift-Assist Wall Dand-Dee Rack Instructional Video