Dand-Dee Bike Rack

It's A Dand-Dee!

Dandy Staggered Solution Space-Saving Bicycle Rack

The Dand-Dee bike rack

Introducing the Dand-Dee by Mazeweld – a revolutionary European-inspired design that marks the pinnacle of our product line. This cutting-edge bike rack cradles the wheel, providing unparalleled support by engaging multiple points, while optimizing space through vertical and horizontal staggering.

Cyclists rave about the ingenious staggered configuration, offering ample spacing for effortless parking and securing of their bicycles. Notably, the Dand-Dee has achieved the esteemed City of Ottawa Approval, making it a preferred choice in Canada for both city installations and government agencies. Its compliance with and surpassing of bicycle rack bylaws attests to its quality and reliability.

Available in two models – single-sided and double-sided for the most efficient use of space – and accommodating 2, 4, or 6 bikes, the Dand-Dee caters to diverse needs. All our products, including the Dand-Dee, boast a superior, bike-friendly outdoor-formulated powder-coated finish. This soft coating not only provides exceptional oxidation protection, surpassing traditional powder coatings but also acts as a gentle shield which helps in preventing scratches and chips to your bike's paint finish while securely parked. Elevate your bike parking experience with the Dand-Dee – where innovation meets durability.

Rows of Single-Side Park Dand-Dee

Dand-Dee Single-Side Park 6

2 Angled Dand-Dee 4 Spaces Each

2 Angle Dand-Dee 4 Spaces Each

Single-Side Park Dand-Dee-4

Loaded Dand-Dee-4 Top View

Dand-Dee-4 Front View

Dand-Dee-4 Profile View

Dand-Dee Video English

Dand-Dee Vidéo français