It's A Dand-Dee!

100 % Made in Canada

The Dand-Dee bike rack

The Dand-Dee by Mazeweld is the first European inspired design in our product line. It cradles the bike wheel, supports the bicycles on more than one point and spaces bicycles efficiently using vertical and horizontal staggering. Cyclists love the ample spacing from the stagger configuration which allows them to park and secure their bicycle with ease. It is one of the first City Of Ottawa Approved models in Canada sold in the city and to government agencies because they meet and exceed bicycle rack bylaws. It comes in two models, single-sided and double-sided (most efficient use of space) and for 2, 4, or 6 bikes. All of our products are coated with the superior, bike friendly, outdoors formulated, powder coated finish. It is a soft coating which provides a superior oxidation protection than traditional powder coating. Because of its soft characteristics, it also helps protect the bicycles paint finish from scratching or chipping while parked and secured.

Rows of Single-Side Park Dand-Dee

Dand-Dee Single-Side Park 6

2 Angled Dand-Dee 4 Spaces Each

2 Angle Dand-Dee 4 Spaces Each

Single-Side Park Dand-Dee-4

Loaded Dand-Dee-4 Top View

Dand-Dee-4 Front View

Dand-Dee-4 Profile View

Dand-Dee Video English

Dand-Dee Vidéo français