It's A Dand-Dee!

As of 2020, the Dand-Dee bike rack

The Dand-Dee by Mazeweld is the first European inspired design in our product line to cradle the bike wheel, support bicycles on more than one point and has ample spacing for the bicycle and rider to park and secure their bicycle. It is the first City Of Ottawa Approved model in Ottawa to accommodate and exceed most bicycle rack bylaws. It comes in two models, single sided and double sided (most efficient use of space). 2020 and onward, most of our products will be coated with the superior IBIX, Flame applied, thermoplastic, Polymer powder coated finish. It is a flexible coating which provides a more superior oxidation protection than traditional powder coating and paint. It comes in various colours, and because of its characteristics, also helps protect the bicycles paint finish from scratching or chipping while parked and secured. It is available in optional glow in the dark or reflective finishes for higher night visibility. This optional visibility finish can also aid snow removal operators to locate racks more easily and prevent winter damage.