U-Dee Bike Rack

Staple Rack

Staple Style Staple Reliable and solid Bicycle Rack or Inverted U

Introducing our U-Dee bicycle rack, a staple in simplicity and functionality, meticulously crafted by Mazeweld. This solid and straightforward design is a testament to our commitment to creating reliable bike rack solutions.

The U-Dee rack, also known as the Staple Rack, is more than a mere fixture; it's a customizable bike parking solution tailored to suit your preferences and available space. Whether you have specific taste preferences or unique spatial constraints, the U-Dee can be custom-made to meet your exact requirements.

For those seeking a bike rack that seamlessly integrates with their individual style, connect with us. Reach out through phone or email, share the details of your vision, and our team will be delighted to cater to your personalized bike rack requests. Choose the U-Dee – where simplicity meets customization for a bike parking solution that suits you perfectly.


Angled U-Dee

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