Scooter Racks

The Scoot-Dee!

Scooter Racks

From what we are hearing from local schools in the Ottawa region that have bought our products so far. Scooters, bicycles and skateboards have been a real big storage problem, especially scooters. Mazeweld has heard you and have come up with a reliable, dependable and durable solution for scooter/skateboard storage that is easy on your yearly budget. Give us a call if you have questions or want to discuss pricing. We have special pricing and deals that come up throughout the year so, you never know. You might just come away with a heck of a deal! Car and school bus congestion at drop off and pickup times is also a really big liability and safety deal for schools! If you accommodate kids with bicycles, skateboards and scooters, you will have a lot safer environment at pickup and drop off times with less cars buzzing around your school! More kids coming to school on their own means less cars! If you have the racks, kids WILL come! As a side note, any bicycle, scooter or skateboard is only as safe as the care taken to secure it! Be informed!

Paint and Coatings

As of 2020, All scooter racks are protected by one of the best coatings in the industry. The first of its kind in Canada! The IBIX, Flame applied, thermoplastic, Polymer powder coated finish. It is a flexible coating which provides far superior oxidation protection than traditional powder coating for this application. Various colours are available, and because of its characteristics, also helps protect scooter paint finish from scratching or chipping while parked and secured.

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