Bicycle Repair Stations

100 % Locally Made 

In Canada's National Capital Region

Loading bicycle on repair station

position seat securely


Built to last, each bicycle repair station is equipped with:

Bike Repair Station Instructions

Public-use, bicycle repair stations are the next big trend in North America. As the population who use bicycles on a day to day basis grows, so does the need for on the go, minor bicycle repairs. 

Fully equipped bicycle repair stations, are now a great resource for many cyclists where before would have had to walk home with a crippled bicycle, hey, we've been there. 

Thanks to  repair stations, people have access to tools required for bicycle maintenance and repair. The team here at Mazeweld has dedicated this page for convenient and easy instructions for our bicycle repair stations. It will cover available tools, and what they are used for.

Covered in this page is:

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Used for:

brackets, bells, etc.

Tire Levers

Tire Levers

Flat Head Screwdriver

Most hardware on bikes use a Phillips screwdriver, but the odd time, a Flat Head Screwdriver will be more effective or if really frustrated a hammer! Just kidding, but it has crossed my mind once or twice ;). 

Headset/Pedal Wrench

8/10 + 9/11 mm Cone Wrenches

Brake adjustments and minor fine tuning to shifting components benefit from these combo wrenches.

Torx Wrenches

Folding Hex Wrenches

Most bicycles today require certain hex wrenches to adjust handlebars, stems, and saddles and axle components.

Tire Inflation Instructions Manual Pump

2. Remove the cap from the tire valve; on Presta valves, loosen the tip of the valve. 

3. Connect the pump nozzle to the valve and flip the lever up. 

4. Using both hands, move the pump handle up and down. Stop when the desired pressure is reached