Commerical Bike Racks

Mazeweld bicycle parking designs are one of the industries strongest commercial bike parking systems on the market today. All bicycle racks are meticulously made from solid steel bars and heavy gauge industrial pipe. All of our piping is hot dipped galvanized for a long lasting finish. All bike racks are protected by the "in our opinion" best coating in the industry. The first of its kind in Canada, the IBIX, Flame applied thermoplastics, Polymer, powder coated finish. It is a flexible coating which provides far superior oxidation protection than traditional powder coating for outdoors furniture. Various colours are available, and because of its characteristics, also helps protect the bicycles paint finish from scratching or chipping while parked and secured. We still offer galvanized finish or our "painted the colour of your choice option" with one of the best commercial grade polyurethane grade paint coatings for our base price options. All Mazeweld bicycle racks are Canadian made and we are located in the Ottawa region. If you are in need of an amazing bicycle parking solution, Mazeweld is here to help. If you have a request for a different bike rack design, email us with the details and we will be glad to serve all your parking needs. Most of our bike racks can be used to access both sides to significantly increase the number of bikes per design.

Models of bike racks

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