Spartacus – FLAME Powder Coating System

Portable On-Site FLAME Powder Coating System

Spartacus is lightweight and portable, ideal for on-site coating of all kinds of steel and even concrete. Versatile for a single operator or automated system usage. Coatings hold up to corrosive environments in chemical plants, water treatment facilities and other industries where other coatings fail. Polymers applied with Spartacus flame powder coating provide a flexible coating which is resistant to chemicals, salt, chipping and cracking. They are UV stable for outdoor weather exposure and cures in seconds. Ibix polymers are extremely durable and have proven over the years to stand up to the test of heavy commercial use.

Unlike traditional coatings such as paint and traditional powder coating, our powder coatings are repairable onsite or in house. Mazeweld's portable IBIX flame spray powder coatings are thermal Plastic Coatings applied pneumatically. The raw materials, in a dry powder form is applied through a gun-flame applicator and heated onto the surface creating our patented, superior finish.

About Polyfusion

Polyfusion has been specifically designed to provide a tough, long lasting, flame sprayed coating on outdoor structures made of mild steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, wood, concrete etc... It is based on an alloy of acid modified polyolefin, therefore, it is Halogen free and the combustion fumes are low in smoke and have a low toxicity index. It is a single layer, primer-free, high strength adhesive thermoplastic powder coating which provides best in class and highly durable corrosion protection to steel and other metals in the most severe conditions. It is resistant to stress cracking, detergents, salt spray and typical airborne pollutants. The material also provides a good degree of electrical insulation, abrasion and impact resistance.

Typical Uses

Corrosion protection. Application on-site on small to large structures either fixed or hard to disassemble which are submitted to adverse weather conditions, salt spray and typical airborne pollutants, chemical corrosion.

Is polyfusion services right for you?

The industries we serve:

  • Building maintenance- hotels, resorts, condos, schools
  • Urban maintenance- public facilities, parks, city beautifying, bus stops, train stations
  • Marine- (Personal watercraft as well large ships and vessel on board repairs)
  • Vehicle restoration, preservation- (old and new)
  • Aeronautics restoration, preservation- (old and new)
  • Train cars restoration, preservation (oil tankers and passage)
  • Plant maintenance- including FOOD/slaughter houses and pharma, chemical plants
  • Off-Shore, marine platforms
  • Oil/Gas- pipelines and repairs