Portable Micro-Abrasion Systems

Antique restoration

Historic Buildings and Structures, Homes- Furniture- Antiques- Statues- Fountains

IBIX Canada's portable micro-abrasion blasting equipment are light weight, aluminum units which use a low pressure micro-air abrasion system. They are perfect for cleaning and restoring delicate structures, historical assets and statues. IBIX units are designed to remove all of the residue without harming the surface. Even delicate materials such as wood, stone, marble, copper or virtually any other surface will remain intact.

Economical, Versatile, Safe and Non-Destructive

Our units can be safely operated by one person. They are equipped with rollers for easy maneuverability. IBIX is user friendly and delivers a precise, consistent, even air and media flow for a smooth surface finish with very low air volume requirements. Minimal dusting provides a safer operation for the operator and the environment.

Committed to Restoration and Heritage Preservation

IBIX is a member of the most prestigious organizations in preservation and restoration. We work hand in hand with local Historic and Government entities to preserve our heritage for the next generation. We are also the recommended equipment for Historic Restoration projects by: Architect, Rosa Loinger, Principal and Chief Conservator of RLA and AP Historic Preservation Officer Mary Oehrlein, FAIA, LEED, Architect of the Capital, Washington DC.

Member of:

RIA, Restoration Industry Association

RLA, Conservation of art + Architecture

API, Association for Preservation Technology

ASSORESTAURO, Italy preservation of Cultural Heritage

Western Specialty Contractors, America's Master Craftsman