Portable Blasting Systems

  • EasyBlast EB-6
  • EasyBlast EB-25
  • IBIX-Pro3
  • IBIX-Pro9
  • IBIX-Pro25
  • IBIX-Pro40
  • IBIX-HiPro60

IBIX® BY MAZEWELD, Restoring America… Made Easy with Easy Blast

For A Wide Variety of Surfaces & Cleaning Applications

Easy Blast is designed and engineered by IBIX for restoration companies across North America. MAZEWELD knows how many hours of labor are dedicated to detailed and intricate restorations, and with the help of the IBIX Easy Blast, we would like to make your job easier. With our hand held precision gun detail blaster, we have made this possible.

Easy Blast is a nondestructive cleaning blaster, ideal for automotive body repairs and by detail and restoration shops. It is great for rust removal, dirt and debris. One of the many great strengths of this machine is you can blast clean with no warping. The models EB-6 and EB 25 are versatile, economical and made of lightweight aluminum with rollers for easy transportation from one job site to another.

IBIX has been in use now for many years by industrial professionals on ship repairs, oil & gas pipelines, building restoration and many more key industries. The Easy Blast is perfect for auto body restoration because it is safe for any surface. It can be used on engines, brakes, rims and historical automobiles. The Easy Blast units have been used on bicycles, motorcycles, airplanes, trains and all types of residential cleaning projects such as patios, driveways and grills.

Along with our ecologically friendly abrasives, our products are perfect to prep before painting and cleaning surfaces of pretty much any kind, including aluminum, steel, copper, tin, wood, concrete, stone, brick, tile and grout.