Graffiti Removal


The IBIX Canada Easy Blast By Mazeweld is the one and only sustainable, portable, professional system using organic, safe abrasives.

IBIX works without damaging delicate building surfaces. Removes paint, dirt and grime on virtually any surface; brick, natural stone, concrete and wood. The IBIX lightweight, portable, aluminum units incorporate a low pressure, micro-air abrasion system.

We offer only the highest grade organic abrasive materials including our custom garnet and soda blend, perfect for graffiti removal.

The patented HELIX gun uses a gentle, helical rotary movement, considerably reducing the volume of air and media required to cover the surface area. As a member of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA), we work with local historic government entities to preserve our heritage for the next generation.

Environmental Commitment

All abrasive media is 100% safe, non-toxic to the operator and environment and is regulatory compliant. IBIX units are made for Wet or Dry Blasting. Wet-blasting reduces a considerable amount of dust. We carry environmentally friendly abrasive materials for all our units: Garnet, Crushed Glass, Calcium CarbonArt, Soda and Walnut Shells.

Ecology: A Company Value

Eco-friendliness is one of our top values at the base of IBIX Canada By Mazeweld's corporate vision. Eco-friendliness is a series of practices used to protect and preserve historical and architectural heritage and protects surfaces and operators as well. The IBIX system has been designed to have very little environmental impact because it minimizes waste and pollutant production. IBIX Canada By Mazeweld uses only non-toxic and recyclable elements.

IBIX Ecological Media

IBIX sandblasting systems are based on a respect for the environment and surfaces they work with. IBIX has developed a totally environmentally friendly technology with a very small environmental impact. IBIX equipment offers a wide range of eco-friendly media to create maximum efficiency and respect for the planet.

Cost Effective and Safe

Choosing a media which is natural is less toxic, creates minimal dust. As a result is safer for the operator while being able to produce the best possible surface finish. IBIX units provide a wide variety of blasting choices, even extremely fine 200-350 Mesh.