Mazeweld is now a dealer for IBIX North America.

Mazeweld is now providing sales and service for IBIX equipment. We are exited to introduce this environmentally friendly flame powder coating product on all our bicycle racks and other various products in the upcoming season. NO VOC's... nontoxic coatings... Going green for Canada.... polymer coating for corrosion protection and much, much more. We are one of the first companies in Canada to provide this green, onsite flame powder coating technology, along with their patented media air blasting wet/dry mobile system which uses all natural, environmentally friendly media as well.

Our IBIX Canada Division is providing the Canadian market with flame powder coating systems for long term corrosion prevention and surface restoration.

Our portable PRO Spartacus flame coating system is a powder coating system for on-site Maintenance created specifically for contractors in the field.

When using our IBIX blast systems, the benefits for cleaning the surface prior to immediate coating with our Polymers is the perfect combination and makes Mazeweld's flame powder coating unique to the Canadian market.

We offer sales and service of our flame spray systems for various Industries, in the Marine, Oil/Gas Pipe Industry, Structural steel, or Concrete containment. Any industry where a superior protection coating is required can benefit from our equipment. Our equipment is designed for the end user in mind with ease of application. Our Spartacus powder coating system has various gun attachments for different situations; from on-site repair to full-performance powder coating projects. Along with our high-performance polymer coating selection, repair materials and sealers, this makes for the perfect combination.

Our Staff is eager to speak with your company about specific project needs.

Our service department provides parts and systems know how to make sure you can fulfill deadlines and projects with the utmost confidence and integrity.