Bicycle Repair Stations

Bike Repair Instructions

This page is still under construction but will be up and running in the next few days

Public-use bicycle repair stations are the next big trend in North America as the population who use bicycles on a day to day basis grows in leaps and bounds.

Fully equipped bicycle repair stations, are now a great resource for many people where before would have had to walk home with a crippled bicycle.

Now that more people have access to tools required for bicycle maintenance, the team here at Mazeweld has dedicated this page for convenient and easy instructions for our bicycle repair stations. It will cover what available tools are and what they are used for.

Covered in this page is:

 How to Use Repair Station Tools

 Tire Inflation Instructions

 Pumping tires

 Tube Replacement Instructions

 Additional Help Resources

How to Use Repair Stand Tools

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Used for:

 Adjusting the high/low range of the front or rear derailleur

 Adjusting the resistance arm on V-brakes

 Tightening accessories mounted to your bike using Phillips hardware: light

brackets, bells, etc.

Tire Levers

 These tools are designed to help remove the tire

from the rim, especially for when you need to change or repair the inner tube.

 For help changing a flat, scroll down to Tube Replacement Instructions.

Flat Head Screwdriver

 Most hardware on bikes use a Phillips screwdriver,

but the odd time, a Flat Head Screwdriver will be more effective or if really frustrated a hammer! Just kidding, but it has crossed my mind once or twice ;).